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My day so far…

April 28, 2008

Well, we just finished with dinner and I have a few minutes till class so I thought I’d share a few things with you. This morning, as every Monday morning I volunteer at one of the hospitals that the Sisters own & operate-St. Francis Medical Center. I “work” in the Pediatric Physical Therapy dept. and mainly I do clerical work.(volunteering is part of my formation) Today I cataloged the books and DVDs that they will loan to parents with children with special needs. Mid way through my “work”(which I don’t think is work by the way) I stepped away from the desk and someone put a thank you card on it by the time I returned. I guess what I’m trying to say is that I never realized that I was appreciated-I got thank you’s and “we really like having you here” type of comments. I just never considered what I did there as significant. Just surprising I guess. It’s funny how the “small” things we do do not go by unnoticed.(like I thought they did) It’s a good thing to keep in mind in the spiritual life I think. Who was it that said something about doing small things with great love… St. Therese of Lisieux? Could be. In any case that is my mini refection for the day.

 Have a good one! 

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