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May 21, 2009

Today Sister Agnes Joseph and I are heading out to the Motherhouse to attend the monthly CWA Mass, meeting, and luncheon.(be back around 2:30pm) You’re probably wondering… “What is CWA? It stands for “Catholic Women’s Apostolate”. It is a women’s group established by one of our late Sisters to pray for diocesan vocations to the priesthood and religious life. It’s a wonderful way to come together as women to promote vocations here in Peoria and around the world. They meet primarily at the Motherhouse, but will also travel once a year or so to another location. Last year I believe they went to visit the Congregation of St. John in Princeville, IL. At each meeting they bring in a Priest, Sister, or Consecrated Virgin to speak on their vocation and to answer questions. They are a wonderful group of women striving for holiness in the heart of the Church. It has been a privilege to know them and may God abundantly bless the Catholic Women’s Apostolate now and always.

In Christ and St. Francis, Sister Veronica

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