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Independence Day Reflection

July 6, 2009

I meant to post this on the 4th, but time got away from me…


WARNING: I am rambling a bit.


In the morning Mass was offered in St. Francis Medical Center Chapel(instead of the convent chapel) so that patients and visitors could attend.  After Mass I spent the rest of the morning doing some spiritual reading and meditation.  As I sat in the presence of Our Lord that morning I was drawn to reflect upon what independence means to me in light of my vocation to the religious life, and in our country.  I thought of the freedom of religion.  The thought occurred to me that people in other countries are not free to worship God as they see fit. The region of the Middle East came to mind.  It would be impossible for me to dedicate my life to the Lord in the religious life in a country like Iran.(At least I think so… If I’m wrong please correct me.)  The great freedom of speech, assembly, and petition- where it is counted as a sacred duty to participate in government & to effect changes. As from the Gettysburg Address: “…and that government of the people, by the people, for the people shall not perish from the earth.” Pondering the freedoms we have, I sat there speechless, but thanking God for the sacrifice of our forefathers and our veterans.  


What a wonderful country we live in!

May God bless America!

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  1. Ann Creech permalink
    July 11, 2009 6:10 pm

    Hi Sr. Veronica, happy 4th of July belated. I enjoyed the day some friends and thought of all the freedoms that we have in this country. So many of fellow countymen or women are fighting for people freedoms in their native land and I commend them . I keep them in prayers and I know that you do to. We should be thankful all the time to God for our freedoms. Shalom, Ann

  2. Ann Creech permalink
    July 14, 2009 4:57 pm

    Hi Sr. Veronica, it was nice seeing you again at the visitation and answering my question. I was talking to a friend about the visitation of Sr. Lucille and she was asking about the rooms at the motherhouse if they were the average size bedrooms or what. Could you explain that if you can ? Also what does Pax et Bonum means? I am just like a little kid ,got questions to ask and the only way to find out is to ask . Thanks ,Ann

  3. July 15, 2009 10:10 am

    Hello Ann,

    It was nice to see you as well. Thank you for your prayerful presence as we laid our dear Sister to rest. As to your questions, I’ll do my best to answer them. The bedrooms vary in size. And, “Pax et Bonum” is a greeting used (latin) by Saint Francis and his earliest friars & to this day. It means, “Peace and all good.” Hope this helps. God bless and keep you.

    Sincerely, Sr. Veronica

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