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May you rest in peace…

June 21, 2010

This past Wednesday(June 16, 2010) our Sister, Sister M. Bernarda, OSF went home to the Lord. The visitation was Friday evening and the Funeral Mass was at 10am on Saturday.  She will be dearly missed.

Sister, pray for us, as we pray for you!


Here is an excerpt of Sister Judth Ann’s comments at the Visitation:

“Sister Bernarda spent 60 years in Religious Life!  She was born in Fulda, Germany.  She entered our Religious Community on September 1, 1949 at Bad Pyrmont, Germany. 

I have never met an individual whom God has gifted in so many ways.  She loved to cook and especially to bake, blessing us with her homemade cookies, bread, rolls and oh, my, her wonderful Christmas stolen with never a reference unless we directly asked her if the treats were from her and then she’d only smile simply and bow her head.

 Sister knitted, crocheted, tatted, cross-stitched literally hundreds of crocheted stars and angels, afghans, dollies, Christmas card trees, pot holders, slippers, caps, scarves, napkin rings, whatever for our annual Mission Sale for the needy.  Many of our Motherhouse employees were gifted with her dollies or chicken pot holders. 

She loved gardening, caring for her Green House plants that graced our Chapels throughout the year, tending to her flowers and vegetables in her gardens, commandeering a long garden hose, hoeing the soil by hand, hauling back her wonderful fresh tomatoes and cucumbers to the kitchen balancing a large box on the front end of her motor scooter, her shoes all muddied, driving with one hand and her cane somehow magically held onto.

She did ALL that she did and aspired to ALL that she aspired to and held us to the highest standards ONLY for HIM, the One Whose Love filled her heart.  She had no other motive.  As I went through her personal belongings following her death I found numerous personal notes in her Liturgy of the Hours Book, her and in her well worn personal prayer books the notation:  “Seek only to do God’s Will and nothing else, to please Him and no one else.”

 No greater gift could she leave all of us than that.  In her memory and to her joy in heaven now, let us take the example of her life and seek the HIGHEST PERFECTION for the Lord, Only for the Lord.”

Sister Judith Ann, O.S.F.
Major Superior

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  1. Ann Creech permalink
    June 22, 2010 10:03 am

    Hi Sr. Veronica and Sisters,

    Sr. Bernada will be missed. When I moved into the house that I have now, there were many flower pots left from the previous owner so I brought them over to the Motherhouse for the Sister who did the flowers and plants since I didn’t know what her name was at the time. I didn’t leave my name because I didn’t want recognition for I knew they would put to good use. I did see her at the Bazaar and she thanked me then, and I told her that is my way of recycle things.

    May God be with you all at this time. Ann Creech

  2. June 22, 2010 1:04 pm


    Thank you for your condolences. She certainly will be missed, but we take comfort in the hope that she is in the arms of our Lord, and is interceeding on our behalf.

    God is good.

    Sister M. Veronica, OSF

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