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A reflection on the constitution

September 14, 2011

If it is a precept of the Lord that we love one another, it is even more important that we extend this charity to our Sisters who are ill or Aged. The Superior sees that everything  necessary is provided for the spiritual and physical welfare of our ill, infirm or aged Sisters. Our Sisters frequently visit and console them. Our entire Community prays for them.  Constitutions 105

I received such joy, peace and consolation from reading this excerpt from our constitutions. For me, it was an affirmation of the fact that I am truly where God wants me to be. I love the fact that my sisters cherish the sacredness of every human life, especially the elderly and infirm. I was especially pleased that this is held for our own sisters.

I love to visit the motherhouse on the weekends and visit with the dear sisters there. It is pure joy just to sit and talk to them. Sometimes, a concert of sorts is arranged and I play my flute or sing for them. I don’t view them as infirm or dying. Rather, I see that they are full of life! They unite their sufferings with those of Christ for the salvation of the world.  They are in preparation for the day when they will meet their heavenly bridegroom.  These dear sisters are so close to heaven that I feel when I draw closer to them, I can be so much closer to heaven.

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